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August 1, 2020

Web Design Galveston Style

You'll find plenty of Galveston web design companies, but you won't find many Galveston website design agencies or freelancers like us. Hello we're Connexion Solutions

When the time comes, and it will when you need more than a website design services you want, that attracts new leads and convert them into customers.

Your website is your shop window, the gateway to your store, it's your business card in the digital world, maybe it's your best sales representative that works 24 hours a day and never takes a vacation or needs a day off and delivers your elevator pitch perfectly every time.

Galveston Website Design & Development Services

At Connexion Solutions you're the center of the project. Create, prototype, collaborate, and bring your ideas to life with the design

Web Design

We live in the world of "Mobile First" and this is how people typically see your website. 64% of website visitors are now on a mobile device. Tablets and laptop/desktop devices are playing a secondary role as to what once was a desktop only experience. You website has to be able to automatically resize change layouts and even images and videos when viewed on different devices such as a smartphone or tablet.

Framework Web Design

Most websites built today are built using frameworks and content management systems (CRM) one of the most popular is WordPress.  Our expert website designers can develop your website using a 100% custom design with our framework tools for speed and efficiency.

e-Commerce Web Design

Our  development team work hard on coding a website so its a great user experience on all devices and provides a seamless visitor experience.


FREE totally custom website design mockup for your Galveston business. Guaranteed delivery in 5 - 7 days without any obligation.

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Over 90% Of Chief Marketing Officers (CMO) Say That A Responsive Website Is Essential For The Company's Success.

Why To Choose
Connexion Solutions As
Your Galveston
Web Design Agency

Looking for an affordable Galveston web

design service?  Our team are

award winning designers

experienced in  building custom

websites that are mobile

first (responsive design)

so it looks great on all devices.

We're the Galveston web development

agency that is affordable. We are not

the lowest price

and we are not the most

expensive website development

company in either.

Our development agency

understands marketing

and how to convert website traffic

into leads and then to customers.

An attractive website is important

but it needs to have the elements

to generate leads and make sales.

The Right Galveston
Developer Is Key To
Growing Your Business
& Attracting More Leads

The Connexion Solutions difference is amazing.

Each and every website we design and through

out the coding and development process we

build  your website so that it includes the

following without increasing the development


  • 100% Bespoke Custom Design
  • PHP Compliant Code Development
  • SEO On Each Page
  • Existing Content Import
  • Lead Form Development & Tracking
  • Compatibility Across All Browsers
  • Social Media Integration
  • XML Sitemaps
  • Multi Device CSS Styling
  • Lightning Fast Speed Optimization
  • Content Distribution Network (CDN) Integration
  • Site and Code Security & Hardening
  • Email Marketing Integration

38% Of Galveston Website Visitors Will Leave A Website If They Find The Layout Outdated Or Unattractive.

What Our

Clients Say

The team at Connexion Solutions was able to develop a new website that increased the conversion rate 1,761.3% in less than 90 days without increasing the ad budget.
David WMarketing Director
A new website was something we desperately needed because, our website needed to be responsive as we were getting over 50% visitors from mobile. The new design is great and sales are up 287% in just 60 days.
Allen DMarketing Manager
Brad and his team handled our branding, website design and the seo for 4 states. In less than 3 months the phone was ringing off the wall and we had to hire new sales people to deal with all the red hot leads.
Sam EOwner
Our website was about 5 years old. We knew we needed a new website, and at the same time develop sales automation. Brad and his team did an excellent job, were easy to deal with and now the website brings in new customers everyday. Worth every penny!
Charlie ROwner & Partner

Our 9 Step Web Design & Development System


Goal Identification

Together we work with you to determine what are the goals for the site to deliver. What is its purpose? Is it to act as a company brochure, a lead generation machine, inform and advise website visitors the goods and services you provide. Maybe you need to have an e-commerce part to your website.


Once we understand the goals of the new site, we can then define the scope of work required for your project.  In this phase together we determine the number of pages, the esthetic look and feel of the brand, any special features needed and the timeline for development.

Sitemap & Wireframe Creation

Once the web development scope has been well defined and agreed upon, the sitemap is developed. This is done for SEO, UX & UI so the structure will interrelate.

Content Creation

With the bigger picture taking place we can now look to creating content for the pages and while creating the pages SEO must be kept in mind and only one topic per page should be used.


Graphic & Visual Elements

With the site architecture completed, and some content in place we can start working on style tiles. and element collages for the look and feel of your brand.

Complete Build Out

With the style and design templates created we can now focus on building out all of the pages and do the on-page SEO.

Initial Review & Revisions

The review process can take several revision to content and small changes and modifications to make certain the site is exactly how you want everything.

Testing & Final Revisions

All pages are created and defined how they display to the site visitor, so it's time to make sure it all works. Combine manual browsing of the site on a variety of devices and browsers with automated site crawlers to identify everything from user experience issues to simple broken links.


Now everything's working beautifully, it's time to plan and execute your site launch!

Galveston Website Design & Development Q&A's

What Is WordPress?

WordPress is a content management system that is used on 37% or the worlds websites.

More bloggers, small businesses, and Fortune 500 companies use WordPress than all other options combined. With WordPress web design can be created with templates if you are looking for a cheap option and can't afford a professional online marketing agency to help grow your company.  There are also frameworks that professional web developers use and lastly you can design WordPress websites from a psd image and build it totally from the ground up.

How Long Is The Website Development Process

Developing a website takes many people to make a web development project. If our web agency has all of the items from the client such as; website content, copy, photos, media and approval the actual development time can be anywhere between 15 to 30 days.

When we quote your Miami business for the work we will immediately go to work so we can keep the website design services on budget.

Internet marketing today is like being on an express train. Our website design team thrive under time constraints but we really want to impress upon you that certain website development time frames need to be met. Your web development should take no longer than a month so we ask time frames are met.

How Much Is A Custom Website?

Our web design services have various pricing levels depending on the requirements such as number of page templates, post templates.

We are an affordable web designer and development agency and feel that our prices are suited for most business budgets.  Our web development team can create a price quote for your business on a per case basis.

Online internet marketing is the new yellow pages. You can grow your Miami company faster than thought possible. Our internet marketing team with a reasonable budget means we can help your business thrive month over month can make more revenue by creating great media by using an online content creation strategy.

Is The Web Design Mobile Responsive

Mobile Responsive Website Development

We design all of our websites so they are mobile first design. The search engines require the website to be designed and developed using this environment.

Do You Include SEO In The Website Development?

Our web design company includes the on-page SEO with most of our web designs.  Just have a chat with the team as we want your project to be a success, and generate new customers for you and increase the search rankings for you as well. Ranking high on Google searches for your Miami business.  Our team is pleased to create a custom quote for web development and SEO ranking services.

Web Design Galveston Digital Marketing & SEO

Your business will rank higher in online search results with our month to month ongoing SEO internet marketing. Your business can reach more customers online when searching for your business - just ask us.

SEO is done on a per page basis. We manually craft the seo terms per page. Each page on a website needs to rank on a per page basis. Every page is responsible for its own separate individual keyword term online.

Ranking per page high on Google means more traffic that becomes leads, and leads become customers.

Ask us how your business can increase Google rankings on a per page basis. Your business can thrive with more customers month on month - this means more revenues for you.

Our Galveston Texas Digital Marketing Services

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