The Very Best Budget Seiko 5 Watches

October 15, 2021


The Very Best Budget Seiko 5 Watches
Some may have you believe that you can't get a good wristwatch unless you part with thousands. The watches I have in front of me beg to differ. I've picked out what I believe to be 3 of the very best Seiko 5 watches, which offer a surprising amount of value for considerably less than you might think.

The ridiculously extensive Seiko 5 range is known to house some of the best value watches out there; the only issue is, it's a bit of a minefield. There are a bunch of rolex swiss replica watches in here that are either no longer available, massively overpriced or straight up ugly. So, I've gone through the list and selected 3 stunning models that have got super-versatile designs; which you could feasibly wear for work or play. Each of which are currently available for a reasonable price.
We've got the SNK361, the SNKL45 and the infamous SNKL23, which are also available in other colourways. You'll find each linked throughout this post.
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Two of these watches share the same case, so will feel identical on-wrist; that being the 361 and the 45. They both come in at 37mm in diameter, 10.5mm in thickness and 41.6mm lug tip to lug tip. The 23 is a touch larger at 37.8mm wide, 10.6mm thick and 45.8mm lug to lug. While all are towards the smaller end of the watch spectrum, the latter wears slightly larger on-wrist. On my thin 6 ? inch wrist, the 361 and 45 certainly sit better, though if you have bigger wrists, they could certainly look too small.
Aesthetically, both cases are great for the price and offer something slightly different. The 23 has a heavily curved, swooping design that features narrow lugs and a recessed crown that gives a near-symmetrical look. The others look quite similar but have thicker shoulders around the lugs, which I prefer, alongside a larger crown that is easier to use but harder to conceal. Compared to many other typical Seiko 5 watch cases, I think both case types are among the best out there and the combination of brushed and polished edges look really good considering the retail price. They also have enough curvature to sit neatly on the wrist, without any bulging at the rear, as with other popular options like the SNXS79.

The rear of each house the same exhibition window, allowing you to see the automatic 7S26 movement that powers all three of these luxury watches replica. This is a hardy, reliable movement that's hard to beat when it's included in a £100 package. It's not the most accurate but does give a relatively smooth sweep for a budget price. Supposedly, this movement has now been discontinued, making me concerned about the future of these wristwatches but we'll have to wait and see if they have a substantial stock of them.


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