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Marketing your solar business is more than just buying leads. You need to invest in growing your business, just like investing in tools, equipment, vehicles; you also need to invest in marketing for your business.

Marketing For Solar Contractors

In today's business environment a solar contractor needs to look at all aspects of growing their business. Gon are the "Good Ole Days" of the yellow pages, they have been replaced with Google Adwords. And community based initiatives, home shows, door knocking and hanging flyers are also a thing of the past. They may have worked thirty years ago.  If you don't innovate you will be like a dinosaur... and we all know what happened to them.

Why Buy Solar Contractor Leads, Build Your Own Marketing Machine

For a fixed affordable monthly investment you can build an all encompassing marketing machine with our help to generate a steady flow of high quality leads using the latest technology. Using a mix of inbound marketing, content marketing, social media marketing and sales automation we can reduce your lead cost and increase the quality of your solar leads.

Buying Exclusive Solar Contractor Leads

Once upon a time you could call around and find several companies willing to sell you shared solar leads or even exclusive solar  contractor leads at affordable rates. Just a few short years ago this was a viable option.  Everyday it would appear that millenials across the country are opening a lead generation company, but have no clue how things actually work. The worst is, they artificially increase the cost per click advertising they are buying and not getting the lead conversion required.

This alone was not the worst part, you have some solar contractors in a market thinking if they hire five other lead generation companies then they will get five times the leads only to find they are getting half of the lead volume and the lead cost has doubled.

Now what... well you can always go to one of the older lead generation companies and buy shared solar contractor leads, the only problem is you lead is shred with upto five other solar contractors and everyone is in a race for the lowest price.  Is this a race you want to win?  Thought Not!  Buying leads for your solar business is a short term high cost gamble. Instead of immediate gratification, invest in a marketing strategy that is proven to work and at a cost you can actually afford.

We Will Double The Number Of Exclusive Solar Leads You Get Each Month

No empty promises here. If you seriously want to build your business and not just live from one shared lead to the next we can help. Our experience in the market is proven, our strategy is 100% totally on-point, and our lead nurturing and follow up system combined with sales enablement automating is the solution you have been looking for.

Start a conversation with Brad Averhill a veteran of 30 years in the direct response industry. Having survived the dot com bomb and forged ahead you too can benefit from decades of proven experience.  Having worked with clients including Citi Bank, Chase Bank, Apple, Ford Motor Company, GM, 3M, Hewlett Packard and a few more fortune 100 companies, you are in good hands.

No freelancers, no outsourcing and no Bull Sh%t.   Start a conversation now!

Solar Leads To Grow Your Business

We’re more than a solar lead generation company, we develop a marketing strategy  specifically for your solar energy company.  Buying quality leads for your solar business can be difficult, and if you’re like most solar contractors, we hear how they are “sick” of buying low quality leads that are sold to multiple solar contractors. Here at Connexion Solutions we are not just providing your solar business with leads we are providing you with a complete marketing strategy that can take your business to the next level. We partner with our solar contractors and work on building their business.  We work hard at developing high quality exclusive leads for solar contractors, yes you are buying exclusive solar leads with Connexion Solutions.

Not All Solar Installer Leads are the Same

Getting high quality solar leads can be a bit of hit and miss with most lead brokers. Our exclusive leads for solar installers are risk and stress free from Connexion Solutions. With our exclusive leads your solar business can increase your revenues while maintaining control over your advertising and marketing budgets. Our no-risk pay per lead program is designed for construction and home improvement businesses, just like your solar company. We are focused on driving real customers at a fixed cost on a regular basis. Here at Connexion Solutions we do all the marketing, advertising and digital services including pay per click advertising, seo, website design and build, testing, optimization and maintenance so you don’t have to.

All you ever pay for are the quality live leads we send directly to your telephone or email. And all of this without any risk on your behalf, you only pay for quality leads, if we don’t deliver leads to your business you don’t pay a cent – we can’t make things any more fair than that.

Local Leads For Solar Company’s

Advertising for solar companies can be expensive, and you never really know the number of quality leads you will generate from traditional advertising methods. We know how difficult it can be for local solar installers to find high quality residential and commercial solar leads, so we have created an exclusive lead program just for solar company’s. Our exclusive solar lead program is different.

First off we generate our own solar leads for our client/partners in local markets. Each and every lead we generate for you is an exclusive solar lead, this means only you will benefit from this quality customer. We do not sell leads to multiple solar contractors, this method of one lead per customer provides you with the highest quality lead and at the same time you are not having to deal with other solar contractors trying to sell your customer, there is no race to see who can give the solar customer the lowest price. You maintain your margins while at the same time creating goodwill with the customer as they are not receiving numerous calls from other solar contractors. At Connexion Solutions we generate leads for most home improvement categories.

What’s The Best Way To Get Solar Leads?

In the past most construction related businesses including solar contractors would advertise in local newspapers, on radio, place a sign on the front lawn of the house you are working at, canvas the area and hand out pamphlets or door knocker flyers, buy sales leads and also the good old  the yellow pages. The yellow pages are not where people look anymore to find a plumber or solar contractor they turn to Google, Yahoo, or Bing. Here at Connexion Solutions we are experts in generating solar leads for contractors, repair services and commercial solar jobs. We are generating you new leads on a regular basis with digital marketing. We develop lead generation websites for local solar company’s and with seo and other marketing methods we generate local solar leads daily for solar companies across the country.

What Makes Connexion Solution’s Exclusive Solar Leads Different?

The biggest difference between Connexion Solutions and the other large lead companies is they rely on generic leads and sell a single lead to multiple solar contractors. At Connexion Solutions we develop leads that pre sell your solar company, and your brand and you are the only solar company getting the lead.

Our 100% Lead Guarantee. If the original lead you get is no good, we will credit your account. Our simple return policy makes it easy for our Contractors to request a lead credit by logging into our online portal, and clicking “Request Credit”. That’s it! We will listen to the recorded call to verify that the lead is in fact bad, and we will credit your account.

Part of our Contractor Marketing Program includes building you a new website with feature rich content about your solar business, talking about your local market, your employees and so much more. Probably the best part of being in the Contractor Marketing Program is we build the website, do all the advertising, marketing, seo, social media and all you ever pay is a fixed rate for each exclusive solar lead we send you.

Marketing is complex, it's a lot of moving pieces and the rules are constantly changing. You have questions and hopefully we have the answers. So let's start a conversation and see how things go.