Dear Friend,

I'm pleased that you have made it this far and want to grow your business. Please read this entire letter - it's important.

The Midas Method with Clarity+, The Core and Amplify is the future of marketing and advertising as we know it.

The proof that the Midas Method works is in the fact you're reading this right now.

Here’s how you got here:

First, we developed a marketing campaign using the Midas Method. We had Clarity+ of our messaging and ideal client profile (this is you).

Secondly, the Core elements were assembled.

Thirdly, we began our advertising campaign using Amplify and targeted you with our content because you “fit the ideal client profile” of a business leader we can most likely get exceptional results for you as a client.

We know you consumed it because our Amplify System and advertising networks put the unique content in front of you then tracked your behavior. This was because of our Behavioral Dynamics System.

The more you interacted and consumed content, the Midas Method started showing you more content and offers.

But it was not just the content itself that got you to this page. It was the Midas Method that did it.

Here's exactly what happened:

You watched content from us that helped you. This content was very carefully created to actually deliver value and to “warm you up” for an eventual pitch.

Then you saw a really soft “pitch” to become a Connexion Solutions client.

And here you are. We’ll create the same experience for your prospects.

There’s an art and a science to lead generation and new client acquisition ...and we’ve mastered it with the Midas Method. 30 years of learning, testing, and building have gone into perfecting the system.

Our sole desire is to make sure this is literally the single most profitable investment you’ve ever made in your business, period.

Here’s how to you'll get started.

The Midas Method starts at as little as $2,497 per month and even though it's not expensive, it's definitely not for everybody. 

The Midas Method is only for people who have a business up and running already. Typically you need a minimum revenue of $550,000. Plus you must be willing to advertise on-line.

So if you’ve got an existing business and a sales process that works, we can create campaigns that bring you raving fan customers in droves.

Oh ...and if you’re interested, keep your money.

Before we go any further, I don’t want you to pay me a dime until we are both 100% certain this is the best thing for you to do right now.

And there’s no way either one of us can really know that unless we talk and get to know each other.

So if you’re interested, let's set up a time to talk ASAP.

We'll answer any questions you have, and we'll ask you a few as well.

And if we all decide we’re a good fit, then we can move forward.

And if we don’t, that’s fine. If you’re happy, we're happy. It really is that simple.

So with that said, click the button below and complete the small form that will take you about all of 90 seconds and we will talk soon.

Connexion Solutions
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