The Midas Method™ For Business Growth -Everything King Midas Touched, Turned To Gold.

Get The Proven System That Generates More Leads & Sales.
The Midas Method™ is the flawless execution of our three pillars for predictable business growth combined with behavioral dynamics. 
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How Good Would It Feel To Double Your Revenue This Year?

The Midas Method™ is a proven step-by-step, sales and marketing approach that leaves nothing to chance. The Midas Method™ is built on over thirty years of marketing success. A complete sales journey that is optimized entirely on the prospects behavioral dynamics. Customized automation that actually speeds up the buying cycle while delivering the right message at exactly the right time. Let us carefully take you through the Midas Method™
Real World Proven Solution

Marketing With An ROI Guarantee

We will guide you from where you are today, frustrated, confused and even angry about growing your business to where you want to be. Never again will you have to deal with charlatans, scammers or inexperienced agencies trying to sell a service you don’t want, need or will even work for you. Get the proven business growth system that has taken over three decades to perfect.
Marketing - Guaranteed ROI
Midas Methos - Behaviorial Dynamics
Predictive Behavioral Dynamics

Every Action Has a Reaction

Each action taken by the prospect causes a reaction in your marketing. Behavioral Dynamics is then optimized based on the user’s behavior. We could get really complex here; In the simplest of terms Behavioral Dynamics is ensuring that the perfect message is delivered to the unique individual at the exact time they need it throughout the buyer's journey.

Each behavioral intent trigger for the unique individual delivers different content and messages based on the behavioral actions they take cheap watches replica, rarely will two people take the exact same marketing path to become your customer.
We Do The MArketing So You Don't Have To

100% Fully Managed Virtual CMO

With Clarity+, Core and Amplify working together with our Behavioral Dynamics System you’ll have a proven predictable business growth system.

The Midas Method™ is your VCMO (Virtual Chief Marketing Officer).

A 100% fully managed proven marketing and sales solution to grow your business.
100% Fully Managed Marketing

The Midas Method Is 3 Pillars That Work Together For Repeatable, Predictable Business Growth.

The Midas Method is the flawless execution of  Clarity+, Core and Amplify working together with our Behavioral Dynamics System you’ll have a proven predictable business growth system that is 100% managed for you.


Grow your business with a clear and concise brand message. One that educates, excites and engages. Tell your story to your perfect customer. With Clarity+ achieve your SMART goals using the proprietary Midas Method strategy.


Core is the 100% fully managed marketing and growth solution. Core is websites, emails, landing pages, Ai chatbots, sms messaging, crm integration, telephoney and so much more. It is the technical component of the Midas Method.


Amplify is our proprietary media strategy, creative, placement and ai automation system that drives hot fresh leads and customers in droves while delivering the perfect message at exactly the right time in the customer journey.

Grow The Business You've Dreamed Of.

The Midas Method is a 100% fully managed proven marketing and sales solution to grow your service based business.

Take us up on our FREE offer to create a complete custom marketing plan for your business.

In the interest of full transparency and disclosure this is how we get clients. Instead of trying to convince you how great we are to work with, we prefer to help you in advance, for free, and let the value of the experience do the “selling” for us.

After you get your free custom blueprint, one of these two things will happen. The first possibility is you love the blueprint and decide to build everything by yourself. If that's the case we will be thrilled to have helped and wish you the best. The next possibility is you love the blueprint and you want us to help you with it. And if that's the case we will set a time to get together and work on the details.

As much as we would love to help everyone, we just can't. You need to be currently making sales, growing your business and just want to grow it faster, bigger and without all the headaches.

Celebrating 30 years of performance driven marketing service. Connexion Solutions is a branding, marketing, communications and website design agency. We specialize in marketing services for small and mid-sized companies in all industries to solve complex problems and beat the competition. Business is difficult; that’s why “We make growing your business easier”.
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