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Building A Insulation Business Is More Than Just Buying Insulation Leads

If you think you can build a Insulation business by simply buying leads from the different providers, you might get a lift in sales and generate paper thin profits, but be guaranteed of one thing - the leads you buy from the big lead providers are price shopping, penny pinching, dollar grinding prospects that you don't want as a customer.  

Now how good would things be if you were able to generate your own high quality exclusive  Insulation leads and a system that has your pipeline full of opportunities that actually want to do business with you

Maybe It's Time For A Change In Marketing, Advertising And Lead Generation For Your Insulation Business? 

As a Insulation business owner it’s important to be able to spend your time doing the things that you are good at and you enjoy - that will grow your business. 

You didn’t start your Insulation business because you have a passion for marketing, yet as the business owner those responsibilities have fallen on you. 

You can get out from under all of this stress, pressure and lack of enjoyment 

Enjoy more time doing the things you like and spend more time with family and friends

Our 100% managed marketing and business growth solution removes all the stress, frustration and hassles

Experience An Affordable 100% Fully Managed End-To-End Insulation Business Growth System.

Let's face facts. You’re here now because something’s not right. You've hit the "brick wall" and your business isn't growing as you wanted. Sick and tired of all the costly marketing "silver bullets" that didn't work. 

At Connexion Solutions, we can not only help you solve these issues, and our proprietary Midas Method marketing systems plus proven strategies can actually set your business on a laser focused new trajectory of growth that will ultimately free you up to love your business and your life again.

Build and grow your Insulation business this time on your terms.

Fact is, you just can’t find this anywhere else. Over 30 years has gone in to perfecting the Midas Method.
If You Can Answer 'YES' To Any Of These Questions, Then We Need To Talk.
Do you feel stuck and now know what it feels like to be a hamster on a wheel, running in place, faster and faster yet not getting anywhere?
Are you overwhelmed with all the advice out there to grow your business?
Are you working really hard and not able to see the growth on your balance sheet?
Do you ever have the gut wrenching feeling that "marketing is a black hole" in your business?
Do you randomly advertise without having a sales strategy, marketing plan and campaign calendar?
Are you attracting penny pinching, price shopping, grinder customers instead of those that will pay full fees?
Have you tried idea after idea, but still struggle to consistently attract new customers?
Do you struggle because your pipeline of leads has dried up; and no matter how much you turn the tap you don't see more leads?

The Midas Method Is Simply 3 Pillars That Work Together With Behavioral Dynamics For Repeatable, Predictable Results That Keeps Your Pipeline Full Of High Quality Leads To Build Your Insulation Business.

The Midas Method is the flawless execution of our three pillars for predictable business growth. With Clarity+, Core and Amplify working together with our Behavioral Dynamics System you'll have a proven predictable growth system for your Insulation business that is 100% managed for you


Grow your business with a clear and concise brand message. One that educates, excites and engages. Tell your story to your perfect customer. With Clarity+  achieve your SMART goals using the proprietary Midas Method strategy.


Core is is a 100% fully managed marketing and growth solution. Core is websites, emails, landing pages, Ai chatbots, sms messaging, crm integration, telephoney and so much more.  It is the technical component of the Midas Method.


Amplify is our proprietary media strategy, creative, placement and ai automation system that drives hot fresh leads and customers in droves while delivering the perfect message at exactly the right time in the customer journey.

We Help Winners - Win More!

Benefit from our 30 years of performance marketing because, we built and perfected the system so you don't have to. Enjoy Risk Free Marketing.
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Insulation Leads & Marketing Program

Exclusive Insulation Leads For Insulation Contractors

Marketing your insulation business is more than just buying leads. You need to invest in growing your business, just like investing in tools, equipment, vehicles; you also need to invest in marketing for your business.

Marketing For Insulation Contractors

In today's business environment a insulation contractor needs to look at all aspects of growing their business. Gon are the "Good Ole Days" of the yellow pages, they have been replaced with Google Adwords. And community based initiatives, home shows, door knocking and hanging flyers are also a thing of the past. They may have worked thirty years ago.  If you don't innovate you will be like a dinosaur... and we all know what happened to them.

Why Buy Insulation Contractor Leads, Build Your Own Marketing Machine

For a fixed affordable monthly investment you can build an all encompassing marketing machine with our help to generate a steady flow of high quality leads using the latest technology. Using a mix of inbound marketing, content marketing, social media marketing and sales automation we can reduce your lead cost and increase the quality of your insulation leads.

Buying Exclusive Insulation Contractor Leads

Once upon a time you could call around and find several companies willing to sell you shared insulation leads or even exclusive insulation contractor leads at affordable rates. Just a few short years ago this was a viable option.  Everyday it would appear that millenials across the country are opening a lead generation company, but have no clue how things actually work. The worst is, they artificially increase the cost per click advertising they are buying and not getting the lead conversion required.

This alone was not the worst part, you have some insulation contractors in a market thinking if they hire five other lead generation companies then they will get five times the leads only to find they are getting half of the lead volume and the lead cost has doubled.

Now what... well you can always go to one of the older lead generation companies and buy shared insulation contractor leads, the only problem is you lead is shred with upto five other insulation contractors and everyone is in a race for the lowest price.  Is this a race you want to win?  Thought Not!  Buying leads for your insulation business is a short term high cost gamble. Instead of immediate gratification, invest in a marketing strategy that is proven to work and at a cost you can actually afford.

We Will Double The Number Of Exclusive Insulation Leads You Get Each Month

No empty promises here. If you seriously want to build your business and not just live from one shared lead to the next we can help. Our experience in the market is proven, our strategy is 100% totally on-point, and our lead nurturing and follow up system combined with sales enablement automating is the solution you have been looking for.

Start a conversation with Brad Averhill a veteran of 30 years in the direct response industry. Having survived the dot com bomb and forged ahead you too can benefit from decades of proven experience.  Having worked with clients including Citi Bank, Chase Bank, Apple, Ford Motor Company, GM, 3M, Hewlett Packard and a few more fortune 100 companies, you are in good hands.

No freelancers, no outsourcing and no Bull Sh%t.   Start a conversation now!

The Insulation Lead Program

Our all inclusive marketing, branding and lead generation program created exclusively for insulation contractors. Our insulation leads marketing program is designed as a long term “partnership” where we perform all of the marketing and advertising related work to generate qualified insulation leads and help grow your insulation business. Whether you are a traditional insulation contractor, spray foam insulation, blown cellulose, fiberglass insulation, environmentally green insulation  we have the insulation leads for you. We build you a high converting mobile friendly website for your business, we advertise, do all the marketing, the social media, the seo and all you do is look after the insulation leads we send you. You’ll build your insulation business faster and easier with our exclusive insulation leads.

A 100% Risk-Free Business Growth Strategy

The Insulation Contractor Leads Program is 100% Risk-Free for insulation companies. We generate your insulation company exclusive leads at a set rate. We generate insulation leads in your town, state or even nationally – the choice is yours in where we build your insulation leads generation program. The cost of the quality leads we provide to you is based on several parameters such as the geographic area, competition in your local trading market, and average job cost.

  • No Setup or Start-up Fees
  • No Hidden Fees
  • No Monthly Retainer

You only pay for the exclusive insulation leads we generate for you through your new website. You never pay for leads you generate yourself.

Exclusive Territory, Exclusive Leads, Exclusive Club

The Insulation Contractor Leads Program is exclusive in so many ways. Most importantly is we generate insulation leads for only one contractor per city. Think of our program as an exclusive club for contractors that want to grow their business.

  • You will be the only insulation contractor in your town or city.
  • Every lead you get is exclusive to you, no other contractor will get the lead.
  • We only take on a handful of new contractor members every month, and there’s even a waiting list.

How The 5 Step Insulation Contractor Lead Program Works

When you become a member of the Insulation  Lead Program all you ever pay for are the qualified exclusive leads we generate for you. Getting started is actually an easy process it’s just 5 steps to building your business with our high quality exclusive leads.

STEP 1 – Quick Questionnaire

We start with a brief questionnaire so we can learn more about your business and plans. This helps us prepare for our conversation in advance so we can get the most out of it.

We begin working before we ever meet.

We analyze your target market, spy on your competitors, and play “mystery shopper” as if we were a potential prospect.


STEP 2 – Schedule The Call

We will schedule a mutually agreeable time for a telephone call or do it using GoTo Meeting so we can share the screen with you. Everything is done custom and is specifically for your business after we’ve had a chance to ask you about your sales process, your sales goals, and your branding strategy we will tell you if we can help grow your business with our Insulation Contractor Lead Program. Everything we talk about makes sense, you give us the go-ahead, we will start working for you.

STEP 3 – Do The Paperwork

Believe it or not… there is a little bit of paperwork, it’s basically a letter of agreement. It points out what we  both will do. In the simplest of terms – We send you good quality insulation leads, you pay for them. If we send you a bad lead (it does happen sometimes) we take care of you and take it off the bill. We can’t be any more fair than that!

STEP 4 – We Design A Custom Insulation Website For Your Business – Free

Getting you up and running takes about 30 days, because we have to build your custom website, create social media accounts, get your new website into business directories and so much more. But before we can start building your new website for FREE – you need to work with us providing things like pictures of you doing some work, finished jobs and some info about you so we can write some snazzy cool stuff about you to put on the website.

STEP 5 – You Answer The Phone

Once the website is created, we have done our magic with the search engine optimization, created social media accounts, done some PR, and have your custom branded website up on the interwebs and if everything works your phone will begin to ring. We will start to send you quality leads over the phone, by sms text messages to your smart phone and even emails, all you have to do is, talk to the new potential customers,  give an estimate and when they become a customer, you do the job.

There you have it!  Our 5 Step approach to getting you started.

The Midas Method Is Your 100% Fully Managed Marketing System Built For Insulation Companies And It Takes Just 30 Minutes Of Your Time Each Month And Costs Less Than An Employee.

Today's Insulation business owners accomplish remarkable things - especially when you consider all the hats you wear and the responsibilities you juggle in the course of a given work week. 

Did you know that 81.2% of small businesses spend less than 2 hours a week doing marketing for their business. Then when asked, what inspired them to keep going. The most popular response was "I want to build a better life for my family".

In addition to the strategy, technology, systems and processes, plus the Ai advertising system you'll have a dedicated business coach and account manager not to mention all the exclusive Insulation leads.

What's Included In The Midas System


Together we work on your brand message. Then we set realistic goals and targets.  Together we mastermind a growth plan that can deliver the results you want. We plug in your new strategy to our system and begin the process. 


Based on the strategy we go about building micro-sites + landing pages, email sequences, chat bots, crm integration and even new phone systems. All the technology platforms, set-up, ongoing maintenance and programming is included.


Advertising will support the strategy we developed together and based on the technology stack we developed. Our goal is to generate high quality prospects that get nurtured and become customers for you with the ad campaign.
* Ad spend is in addition and budgets can range from $500 a month - you are 100% in control of the ad budget.

We make growing your business easier

It's as simple as starting the simple process below.


We love working with companies of all sizes and business owners that want to grow their company from where it is today and take it to the next level.

Just click the Speak With A Strategist button, then fill out the short form.
Request Invitation
Application Form


This is nothing obtrusive or difficult, it's simply a few details about your business and how you want to grow your business.

Total time two minutes to fill in the blanks.


Once we review your strategy request which usually happens in 48 hours or less.

If everything is a go, you'll select a time that works for you from our online calendar.
Application Review
Strategy Session


We will get together on the phone. This lets us get to know each other better. We’ll discuss your organization’s challenges, frustrations, opportunities and goals. 

During our 30 - 45 minute telephone meeting together we will see if we're a good fit and if we can actually help you with your business growth.


Receive a detailed marketing plan with clear pricing. The Midas Method Marketing Blueprint gets you to where you want to be.
Action Plan
As of Sunday 12th of July we have only a have 6 remaining Free Strategy Sessions during July

You Have Two Choices & Only One Makes Sense.

You can either keep running your business the way you have been, relying on hit-or-miss guesses, throwing cash at random advertising without a plan or strategy and chasing the next shiny object


You can cut years off building your business by trial and error by choosing the Midas Method. A proven and predictable solution to generate more leads and customers, that causes steady growth, reliable revenues, and ever-growing profits regardless of whether the economy is rising or falling. 

Now is the time to discover the Midas Method; the ultimate pathway to business freedom. Our fully managed marketing and business growth solution removes all the stress, frustration and hassles

Let us carefully take you through the Midas Method. We will guide you from where you are today, frustrated, confused and even angry about growing your business to where you want to be. Never again will you have to deal with charlatans, b.s. artists or inexperienced agencies trying to sell a service you don't want, need or will even work for you. 

Get the proven business growth system that has taken three decades to perfect. Why stress out trying reinvent the wheel? We have a much better way.

Really, it’s that easy.

Connexion Solutions
Grow your business faster and easier with our proven 100% managed three step process.