In-Ground Trampolines Leads For Landscape Contractors

Generation of Exclusive In-Ground Trampolines leads is both an art and a science. Buy Exclusive Leads For Your In-Ground Trampolines Company Using Our XPRESS Lead & Marketing Solution

Lead Generation

Do You Want Exclusive In-Ground Trampolines Leads So You Can Grow Your Company?

With Connexion Solutions Home Services XPRESS Lead & Marketing Solution for In-Ground Trampolines You Get:

  • An Exclusive Territory
  • Guaranteed Exclusive In-Ground Trampolines Leads
  • Flat Fixed Monthly Fee – No Surprises
  • A Custom Branded In-Ground Trampolines Micro-website
  • 80% Live Call In-Ground Trampolines Leads
  • 20% SMS Text Messages To Your Mobile Phone

More Than Just Exclusive In-Ground Trampolines Job Leads

In-Ground Trampolines Leads Make Direct Contact - Home Owners Call You

Job Management CRM

Exclusive In-Ground Trampolines Leads For About The Same Cost As Shared Leads

Dedicated Account Manager

Receive Local In-Ground Trampolines Jobs In 3 Steps

With our XPRESS In-Ground Trampolines Lead & Marketing Solution you can build your Landscape Contractor business knowing the marketing cost is fixed each month. Our In-Ground Trampolines leads are high quality live telephone calls and SMS text messages from your own branded micro-website


You Sign Up

Call us or sign up online by completing our short questionnaire and select the best XPRESS In-Ground Trampolines Leads Program that best fits your business.


We Set Up

We will have a couple of calls with you to understand your business and your goals. You email us a few photos of your work and then we build your Landscape Contractor micro-website. 


You Get Jobs

Homeowner’s see your ad when searching for In-Ground Trampolines, then you get a call directly from them or form fill send directly to your phone. It’s all live and in real time.

We Build A Custom In-Ground Trampolines Lead Generation Microsite For Your Business.

Our custom In-Ground Trampolines websites convert visitors into leads upto 7 times higher than most In-Ground Trampolines websites.


In-Ground Trampolines
Google & Bing Paid Search

Your In-Ground Trampolines Business Is Advertised On Google & Bing To Generate High Intent Leads

Our team of advertising experts have a single goal. They build paid search advertising campaigns that perform better by generating more In-Ground Trampolines at higher conversion all while lowering the ad spend cost. 


In-Ground Trampolines Leads Call You Directly Or Receive A SMS Message

When the phone rings, this will be a real live person calling you about In-Ground Trampolines. If the website visitor completes the form your mobile phone will receive an SMS text message in seconds you can get back to them immediately. Our In-Ground Trampolines marketing and leads solution makes it so it’s easy for you to set appointments when you are on the go.
In-Ground Trampolines
In-Ground Trampolines

Manage Your In-Ground Trampolines Leads And Book More Landscape Contractor Jobs Online With Our CRM & Lead Management Solution

Our team of advertising experts have a single goal. They build paid search advertising campaigns that perform better by generating more In-Ground Trampolines at higher conversion all while lowering the ad spend cost. 


Choose The In-Ground Trampolines Subscription That's Right For You

XPRESS Lead & Marketing Solution With

Kick Start

$ 997
  • A Dedicated Success Manager
  • Custom Branded Micro-Website
  • Advertising Account Management To Fine Tune Your Advertising
  • Google / Bing Ad Spend Included
  • Custom Phone Number For Easy Tracking Of Leads
  • Exclusive Leads For About The Same Cost As Shared Leads
  • 100% ROI Guarantee


$ 1597
  • A Dedicated Success Manager
  • Custom Branded Micro-Website
  • Advertising Account Management To Fine Tune Your Advertising
  • Google / Bing Ad Spend Included
  • Custom Phone Number For Easy Tracking Of Leads
  • Exclusive Leads For About The Same Cost As Shared Leads
  • 100% ROI Guarantee


$ 2497
  • A Dedicated Success Manager
  • Custom Branded Micro-Website
  • Advertising Account Management To Fine Tune Your Advertising
  • Google / Bing Ad Spend Included
  • Custom Phone Number For Easy Tracking Of Leads
  • Exclusive Leads For About The Same Cost As Shared Leads
  • 100% ROI Guarantee

No Hidden Surprises or Long Term Commitments.

You Can Change or Cancel Your Subscription At Any Time


The Connexion Solutions XPRESS Home Services Program is a complete custom lead generation solution. The actual number of leads you receive can vary month to month. You are not buying a lead, you are investing in a lead generation and marketing solution where we do all the work so you don’t have to.

Buy In-Ground Trampolines Leads
Get A Proven Lead & Marketing Solution That Builds Your Brand And

  • We only provide exclusive In-Ground Trampolines leads. – GUARANTEED
  • XPRESS Leads & Marketing Solution is unique to a business category and geographic territory.  
  • Our XPRESS In-Ground Trampolines Leads & Marketing Solution will generate you exclusive In-Ground Trampolines leads from your new branded micro website. 
  • All In-Ground Trampolines leads will be live calls where the homeowner calls you, or you will receive a SMS text message lead. These are 100% exclusive In-Ground Trampolines leads.

Become A Connexion Solutions Home Services Member

Find Out How Many In-Ground Trampolines Job Leads Are In Your Area Today

What Our

Clients Say

The answer is that it varies. With the In-Ground Trampolines Leads & Marketing Solution you are investing in a done for you In-Ground Trampolines marketing solution. We build a website that will generate In-Ground Trampolines leads for your business, and the leads are exclusive to your company.

It is nearly impossible to honestly and accurately predict the number of In-Ground Trampolines leads that will be generated each month. We want to keep you as a long term client so we work to produce as many leads as possible for the ad spend, if you are pleased with the average cost of leads generated you can always move to the next level and receive more leads.

The higher the cost of your service and the location of the business will determine the number of leads we generate for you. As an example if your have jobs that are typically $1,000 or less - your lead cost for an exclusive lead, and not a shared lead could be $15 - $20. If you have a higher average sale - for example $10,000 or greater you could have a lead cost of $150 - $450.

If you are in a service area where the population is less than 100,000 your cost per lead will be lower than the same company in a area with 2 million population.

We don't know the exact costs. Basically the higher value of service you provide the higher the subscription level.

Our goal is to generate as many exclusive In-Ground Trampolines leads for you each and every month at the lowest ad spend.

Each subscription package has the following included in the total price you pay each month:


  • MANAGEMENT FEE: Each subscription has an account management fee, our fee begins at $300 per month and as the monthly subscription price increases so does our management fee. Our media planners and buyer are maximizing the ad spend each month while we do A/B testing and other conversion optimization to increase the number of In-Ground Trampolines leads we generate for your business.


  • AD SPEND: The balance remaining after our management fee is used to buy advertising to generate leads for your In-Ground Trampolines per click (PPC) ads from Google Adwords and Microsoft Bing Network.


This is an important point: You are subscribing to a proven system that can generate high intent In-Ground Trampolines leads. Your leads are exclusive to you. We have to manage your account, build a website, pay for the ads. We do all the work for you and you need to understand not all the leads are going to be ideal buyers. your subscription will determine the amount of leads we will generate for you.

If you want a guaranteed price per In-Ground Trampolines lead expect to pay substantially more because we have to review call recordings, do satisfaction surveys, audit leads and all of this costs money. Get quality leads from our In-Ground Trampolines leads subscription. Talk with an Account Manager if your looking for a different lead generation model.

Website Design & Development

Ad Account Setup & Management

  • Keyword Research
  • Account Structuring
  • Location Targeting
  • Expanded & Responsive Ads
  • Compelling Ad Copy
  • Conversion Tracking
  • Sitelink Extensions
  • Callout Extensions
  • Call Extensions
  • Structured Snippets

Ongoing Ad Platform Management

  • Ad Cost Bid Management
  • Bid Adjustments
  • Negative Keywords
  • Match-Type Testing
  • A/B Ad Copy Tests
  • Ad Scheduling
  • A/B Landing Page Tests
  • Optimization for Leads
  • Optimization for Revenue
  • Optimization for Net Profit

At Connexion Solutions we want your In-Ground Trampolines lead generation and marketing to be RISK FREE.

We want to generate as many In-Ground Trampolines leads for the subscription level you have selected.

We have our 100% ROI Guarantee - we guarantee we will generate you enough leads that when the lead converts to a job you will earn a profit larger than the monthly subscription fee. This covers the absolute minimum number of leads. We want our program to be RISK FREE for you.

End of the day we want to keep you as a long term client, sometimes we are not dialed in with ad creatives and keywords, so we need to adjust your campaign. We want you to profit and grow with our help. You need to think of us a business partners working together and not a generic shared lead provider that has over 100,000 home service customers.

Unfortunately we don't have a crystal ball to tell you the number of In-Ground Trampolines leads you will get each month, and if we did the cost would be much higher. 😉

This is a common question we get, first remember you are not buying individual In-Ground Trampolines leads. You are subscribing to a done for you service of website creation and management. Management of all advertising channels and buying the media.

Our Marketing Management Fee is a small portion of the over all subscription. Our fee begins at $300 and is included in the subscription. The balance goes toward the ads (Google, Bing, Yahoo) and technology.

Overall the In-Ground Trampolines leads we generate from your new website will be of higher quality because the homeowner calls you directly or you receive an SMS text lead on your phone. Plus the lead is exclusive to you. So the long answer to the short question is no. Sorry but you do not get credit - its similar to doing all this marketing work yourself. Have you ever tried to get a refund of a bad click, call or lead from Google? I know we haven't.

We currently offer different subscription levels. The difference between each of the subscription level is the amount of ad spend available. The ad spend is what is going to affect the volume of leads you’ll get.

We have customers who are a single operator and are more suited to a lower subscription and we also have larger companies that need of more work and more leads.

1. We advertise your In-Ground Trampolines company on Google, Bing, Yahoo and other websites. When local consumers search Google for In-Ground Trampolines, we make sure you’re Landscape Contractorbusiness easily found. We bid on keywords and create ads for each of the services you offer, this way no matter what terms are used to search for your service, we have you covered.

2. Homeowners visit your In-Ground Trampolines micro website. After clicking your ad, local homeowners are sent to your new micro website. Pages are built for one specific purpose, and that is to persuade homeowners to get in touch with you by calling a special call tracking phone number or completing a form on the website that sends the message directly to your mobile phone as an SMS
text message.

3. Homeowners contact you; You’ll receive In-Ground Trampolines job leads from local homeowners needing a tradesperson. Depending on how the homeowner wants to get in touch, In-Ground Trampolines job leads are received as SMS text messages or live telephone calls. If you’re busy, we’ll send you a text to make sure you follow up.

4. Manage all leads in your account; All leads are available in your CRM. We help you nurture each lead through to completion and even allow you to track the value of each lead.

At Connexion Solutions we do not store payment card details because, we use Stripe payment systems to securely accept and store your information and card data. Stripe is certified to PCI Service Provider Level 1; the most stringent level of certification available in the payments industry, this is bank level security. Stripe forces HTTPS for all services using TLS (SSL). All bank and credit card details are encrypted with AES-256.

We require payment for subscriptions upfront. Just like Netflix, Amazon Prime or any other type of subscription. This is because we spend most of the subscription fee on PPC ads and the technology to ensure our In-Ground Trampolines lead generation service is a success for you.

Each one of our In-Ground Trampolines Leads & Marketing Subscriptions include:

Our subscription price includes the website, ad management fee, telephone calls and the ad spend.




Website Development & Hosting with ongoing conversion rate optimization.

Ad Management & Account Servicing this is our management fee for providing the service of generating exclusive In-Ground Trampolines leads for you. Our management fee begins at $300 per month, each subscription level increase will also increase the ad management fee. The higher level subscription will have a management fee adjusted to the increased ad spend.


Advertising spend is included in all of our subscriptions.