5 Website Mistakes That Are Causing You Business Loss

July 13, 2020

5 Website Mistakes That Are Causing You Business Loss

Having a professional website that informs, excites and engages your clients and business partners is a must in today’s business world. If you have a local business, an online store, a small family-owned business or a big corporation, you can benefit from having a website. Having a digital storefront online; is a must for all businesses across the board, including essential services. Big corporations, online stores and businesses that provide technology or marketing services have an even bigger obligation to provide customers with a functional and good looking website.

Even though there are hundreds or even thousands of products out there that provide businesses the tools to create professional and functional websites, we speak to clients from all walks of life everyday, that have obsolete, broken or flat out useless websites.

Here are 5 big mistakes you can be making on your website that are causing you loss of revenue, and how you can easily correct them.

#1 - Websites Need To Be mobile-friendly.

5 Website Mistakes That Are Causing You Business Loss. It's been about 5 years since we have known that more than half of your website visitors are seeing your website on a mobile device. Since then the number of visitors on mobile devices has increased dramatically. Even though so many people use a desktop, those same people may still use a mobile device at one point or another. Users may begin searching for your website during breakfast on a tablet, continue browsing at their office from a desktop and access your website again from their mobile device later that day. Websites must be responsive and today we recommend that you actually focus on mobile first, before making sure your site also looks good on tablets and desktops.


#2 - Websites With information Overload

5 Website Mistakes That Are Causing You Business Loss. Delivering information today must be done strategically. Everyday users have shorter attention spans, and expect to find the information they need from your business quickly and easily. Make sure your website has intuitive navigation and effectively provides the information your clients and partners require. List your services, use pictures, provide technical details for your products and outline 3 step instructions, on how to go about buying your product.

#3 - Slow Loading websites

5 Website Mistakes That Are Causing You Business Loss. Make sure your website is fast if someone clicks on your website and the information does not load quickly, they will abandon your site permanently and go to your competitors. Unfortunately, today customers have very little brand loyalty; they will use the service that is more convenient for them to access. On the subject of accessibility you will want to test your website to make sure it loads quickly on all browsers and devices. Optimizing your website for speed is very important. Everybody has access to fast Wi-Fi; however, when customers are on the go they may have bad reception. Make sure your website is optimized for speed.


#4 - Unsecured websites

5 Website Mistakes That Are Causing You Business Loss. Websites today must offer a secure connection. Have you ever visited a website where your browser alerts you about being on a non-secure server? If this has happened to you, you know that you will probably not feel safe browsing, and you will definitely not be willing to enter any personal information. Even if you are only required to provide your email address, it is very unlikely you will be compelled to do so. Make sure you use a secure server to host your website.


#5 - Websites without social proof

5 Website Mistakes That Are Causing You Business Loss. On the subject of establishing trust, today customers want to know what other customers are saying about your business. you want to make sure customer reviews from third party platforms and websites are visible right on your site.

Today there are product reviews, business reviews and service reviews that can be found on various review platforms. These include Google, Facebook and Yelp. Place the reviews that apply right on your product or service page, where customers need to see them. Third party reviews from verified review platforms are the ones that matter. Reviews you collected yourself are rarely taken into consideration or trusted by users. Your website is the best place to list any industry specific awards, recognitions or certifications you may have been awarded. Finally, if you are a service provider you can list the logos of companies you have worked with.

These were some of the most common mistakes we come across on a daily basis and are complete deal breakers. Using this information you can easily identify and correct any mistakes that can be causing you to loose business. Test your website and let us know on the comments if your website passed the test.

We hope you enjoyed this video.

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