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Digital propensities and users' expectations alter every day. Some trends become out-of-date and move beyond, however others gain ground.

Customers check out lots of websites constantly which means that services need to somehow draw their attention and make them stay on a platform. Among the methods to prosper is to develop a visually appealing and intuitive web option. Here comes the concern of what propensities to follow.


Let's now explore the leading UI/UX design patterns of 2020-2021 in detail and see how popular brands implement them effectively.

1. Dark mode

Among the hottest web design patterns for 2020 is dark mode. Such brands as Instagram, Apple, and Android offer alternative styles in their items. Here are the core reasons for the trend's popularity:

  • It looks ultra-modern;
  • It permits highlighting and popping other style components;
  • It saves device battery power (in case of OLED/AMOLED screens);.
  • It lowers eye strain in low-light conditions.

Many applications provide visitors with the ability to select when to activate the dark mode. Apple users can set up times to change their device appearance instantly. You can choose the "Sunset to Daybreak" choice or set a specific time to carry out the transition.

Dark mode design by DStudio.

Here is a striking and powerful dark mode implementation by DStudio.

2. Imperfections that add uniqueness.
Insufficient, free-hand web application design components infuse positive emotions. In 2020, users positively accept hand-drawn, unique, and imperfect visuals.

With the help of distinct drawbacks, you can show the clients your brand identity and stick out from the crowd. Really, this propensity of design believing mean contrast to the patterns of pixel-perfect web elements. Create something brand-new, special, and inventively different to grip the attention of users and show how special your brand is.

Unique and imperfect web design with shortcomings.

Zhenya Rynzhuk created a unique and imperfect web design using this pattern.


3. Immersive 3D aspects.
3D design elements have fascinated users for several years. The appeal of this trend is going to increase in 2020 as VR and AR innovations gain momentum now. It ends up being a perfect concept to integrate these techniques to produce hyper-realistic 3D visuals taking up the whole users' screen.

Do you want to know what style propensities were trending in 2019? Check our post from the previous year: Hot Web Style Patterns of 2019.
The pattern enables UI and UX designers and entrepreneurs to prettify their websites. In this manner, they motivate prospective customers to stay longer and increase the typical session time. Such visuals attract users as they go beyond borders between the virtual space and real life.

Among the key requirements for a successful 3D graphics application is the high efficiency of your website UI. It will not smoothly support such heavy material if your platform is well-optimized and not fast-loading. As a result, your site might supply users with lags, low action time, and so on.

Implementing of immersive 3D visuals by A-0 Style.

A-0 Design developed a perfect example of executing immersive 3D visuals.


4. Soft shadows, layers and drifting components.
The ingenious design tendency represents building strength. Do you want to develop a 3D component but smooth it over? Soft shadows and floating visuals stimulate positive feelings. They reveal the depth in aspects and make your webpage looking slightly 3D. The pattern applies not just to graphics but also to the text, images, videos, etc

. In 2020, UI/UX style companies actively use layering to place components on top of each other. It is advised to use soft drop shadows for revealing improved depth. This mix provides the possibility of producing a drown effect and a lightweight sensation. By doing this, you can move far from timeless, flat, and immutable styles where layers are placed strictly in the ideal order.

Layering, soft shadows, and drifting components by JPSDeisgn.

To see this pattern in practice, take a look at the exceptional example by JPSDesign. It integrates such strategies as layering and soft shadows to produce an expression of drifting elements.


5. Blending photography with graphics.
Another hot UI/UX style trend in 2020 is overlapping graphics onto the images. Such a blending technique enables you to release imagination and carry out wonderful styles.

This collage-like propensity is versatile. You can utilize it both to create childness for item images or add seriousness to a financial or tech website. It is an ideal method to personalize images and add additional personality to your web design.

Wish to get the best from this pattern? Merge the style of the designs and visual elements with your brand name character.

Mixing photography with graphics.

Planit produced a best example of mixing photography with graphics.


6. Voice User Interface (VUI).
Voice chatbots and virtual assistants certainly turn into one of the most popular technology trends in 2020. They change the way we browse for information, bear in mind, and so on. Such brand names as Apple, Android, and Google carry out the pattern in their UI/UX style process.

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You can take an action even more with this human-centered design propensity. Implement a voice interface design pattern to become a leader in your niche and stand apart from competitors. It is a brand-new innovation that is anticipated to become hot in 2020.

Voice Interface integration.

Laetitia Meunier strikingly reveals the method it executes voice interface design trend on a site.


7. Abstract information visualization.
Nowadays, you need to find new ways of data visualization. The matter is that tables, databases, lists and other formats look obsolete, unappealing, and tedious. Abstract information visualization is a great service for websites that are tech- and production-oriented.

Do you handle hardware, server home appliances, or any technical production? Illustrate your products abstractedly by revealing its aces relocating all instructions. UI/UX design companies mention that such visuals draw in users and produce a feeling of featheriness, depth, and floating.

Abstract data visualization by Koniku.

Koniku's site perfectly demonstrates its co-processors in movement. It reveals abstract data to bring in first users.

Executing abstract information visualization by likewise carries out the abstract information visualization technique. By doing this, it develops a sensation of depth and originality.


8. Fabulous item images.
The age of reasonable and timeless item images is a distant memory. Forget them and step forward a brand-new UI/UX design trend - surreal product pictures. In 2020, it is expected to become prevalent over many of the e-commerce platforms and online shops.

The main point is to daze the customers and attract their attention by showcasing intriguing and unreal components. They require possible customers to utilize their imagination and remain longer on your site. This way, you can increase the typical session time and perhaps enhance the conversion rate.

Fabulous item images by Gucci Zumi.

Gucci Zumi is a best and famous example. It executes surreal illustrations with their item photos.

Nike implements the trend of fabulous item images.

Nike is likewise a business that provides magnificent item photos. They certainly attract clients' attention.


9. Practical textures.
After a number of years of ethereal gradients and smooth isometric things, textures come back. This trend has terrific prospective in 2020. You can make users want to connect and touch textures by designing contours and grains.

Nevertheless, attempt not to overdo them. As a result, you can sidetrack visitors and take away all their attention. Produce typically enjoyable and unified visuals for users on your site. UI/UX designers advise that you choose the most pertinent texture types for your application style.

Sensible textures by Homecult.

Homecult is a best example of picking the ideal texture types for their website style.


10. Strong font styles in UI/UX design.
Bold typefaces are not a development in 2020, however this pattern acquires momentum. The matter is that a lot of users pay attention to the website heading. For this reason, it is essential to bring in consumers' attention by utilizing strong typefaces for titles. This technique allows you to add more visual sense to the information, category, subject, product, or service. Apart from the functionality element, this pattern includes a modern-day view to site design.

For example, Apple actively implements bold font styles for its website headings, especially on item pages. In this manner, the company emphasizes the high quality of its items.

Use of vibrant fonts by Apple.

A perfect mix of a product with vibrant fonts by Apple.

17 Problems carry out the pattern of strong typefaces.

An exceptional execution of the trend by 17 Concerns.

Mix of bold fonts and illustrations by Big Inc

. Substantial Inc is a fine example of combining bold typefaces with illustrations.


11. UX composing and microcopy.
Nowadays, it is inadequate to just be a company with an excellent product and ideal service. Users want to belong of the popular brand, its history, and its originality. To get visitors engaged, you can implement the following approaches.

Make your site texts more casual as users are tired with basic phrases. You can include a pinch of humor, but you must keep within the limits and understand the target audience you interact with.

Use of UX composing by Medium.

Medium knows that they sidetrack you from checking out a short article. For this factor, the platform excuses it in the heading which makes the interaction style more informal.

Dollar Shave Club executes a casual communication design.

Dollar Shave Club is likewise a best example of implementing a less formalized communication style. The website lets you know that your shopping cart is empty with a sense of humor.

Microcopies are another hot UI/UX design trend that significantly combines with UX writing. This technique adds a distinct tone and noise to your website and allows you to develop great relationships with users. If you want to record the brand name's environment, the pattern is reliable. Microcopy texts are developed particularly for a specific brand name to support its corporate design.

Implementation of UX composing and microcopies by Femme & Fierce.

Femme & Strong is a good example of a company executing UX writing and microcopies.

UX writing by The Guardian.

The Guardian follows the human centered design trend of UX composing by specifying the goal of filling out each field.


12. Unusual and futuristic color combinations.
2020 is about bright and strong colors in web design. Colors that did not seem to blend well completely harmonize with each other and catch users' eye due to their individuality. Particularly, when users mostly visit minimalistic sites with a limited number of colors, bright combinations will absolutely stick in the memory.

To be successful in executing the pattern, you ought to not be afraid of attempting new things. Use neon glowing shades and extreme colors on your site.

Combination of brilliant colors by Bug Stop Boys.

Insect Stop Boys is an unbelievable website that integrates multiple intense colors that make it unique and incredibly interesting.

Execution of bright colors and dark background by Haus.

Haus likewise reveals how vibrant colors completely balance with a dark background and enhance one another.

Last thoughts.
In 2020, style patterns are a mix of excellent old-fashioned bold fonts, 3D components, realistic textures, and futuristic dark mode, abstract data visualization, and voice interface. To succeed in producing a appealing and distinct user interface, attempt to select and integrate several propensities.

At Connexion Solutions, we firmly believe that the main objective of UI/UX style is to assist users achieve their goals. For this factor, do not attempt to overdose your site with lots of website design trends that might complicate the functionality.

If you are looking for a UI/UX style company to carry out all your requirements and requirements, work with UI designers from Connexion Solutions that will be pleased to assist you.

Actually, this tendency of style believing stands for contrast to the trends of pixel-perfect web elements. Such brands as Apple, Android, and Google carry out the pattern in their UI/UX design process.

Execute a voice user interface design pattern to end up being a leader in your niche and stand out from competitors. Apart from the functionality aspect, this trend includes a contemporary view to website design.

Microcopies are another hot UI/UX style trend that significantly combines with UX writing.

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