Digital Marketing Services

Digital Marketing That Generates Leads & Customers With A Guaranteed ROI.
Don’t risk your business with just anyone. Here at Connexion Solutions we understand wrote the book on direct response marketing. With over 30 years in business our systems are proven to work.
Connexion Solutions Digital Marketing

Digital Marketing Services

A Digital Marketing Agency For Small Businesses Must Provide Goal-Based Marketing Strategies and Optimize Profits.

Website Design & Development

High performance website design and development for small business websites, landing pages, eCommerce and more. Complete UI & UX design services.

Search Engine Optimization

Whether it's a small brick and mortar business or local service based business our seo services have you covered with local SEO or national seo campaigns we have you covered.

PPC & Display Advertising

Pay-per-click advertising with Google, Bing, Yahoo combined with social media ads and retargeting is the winning combination for any brand or business.

Online Reputation Management

With 97% of consumers turning online to find local businesses, your online reputation is no longer something you can ignore. Generate more 5 star reviews from your customers.

Conversion Rate Optimization

CRO can make or break an advertising campaign. For every increase in CRO can mean lower ad cost, a greater reach and more revenue.

Sales & Marketing Funnels

Increase your level of response, sell more and generate a higher income with finely tuned pathways to attract new website visitors and turn them into customers.

Social Media Management

Social media marketing is an element to stay connected with your audience and build brand awareness, plus generating revenue from social media platforms like Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram, and others.

eMail Marketing & Automation

Email marketing is key to building relationships with prospects, leads and customers. Email offers an unbeatable ROI. It also has the highest conversion rate (66%) and Email brings all your marketing techniques together.

Local Marketing & GMB

One increasingly important aspect of local search marketing is Google My Business, a tool that gives your business extra visibility and can increase the traffic to your website.

Content / In-Bound Marketing

The main inbound marketing strategy is content marketing. Inbound marketing is a strategy that focuses on attracting prospects to find. If you rank highly in a search results, you'll attract relevant traffic [and potential leads] to your website on autopilot even while you sleep.

Lead Generation & Acquisition

Looking to improve your customer acquisition costs? You're not alone. Reducing the costs of customer acquisition and proving the ROI of marketing efforts are two of the most important marketing priorities among companies.

Local Service Ads

Local Service Ads are pay per lead, and not click. Google now allows businesses to bid on a per lead basis rather than paying for clicks that don’t turn into leads. Yes!! Only pay for valid real leads from Google.

Celebrating 30 years of performance driven marketing service. Connexion Solutions is a branding, marketing, communications and website design agency. We specialize in marketing services for small and mid-sized companies in all industries to solve complex problems and beat the competition. Business is difficult; that’s why “We make growing your business easier”.
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