Definitive SEO Manifesto

July 23, 2020


Get the details you were never supposed to see.  This FREE report reveals some of the most jaw dropping details that have the power to bring you more website visitors, leads and customers faster than Flash Gordon.

Get floods of fresh new website visitors, boost organic rankings and benefit from all the new organic traffic your website can handle.

Get for free what others have paid $1000’s to receive.

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The Secrets That You Were Never Supposed To See

Here at Connexion Solutions we have website development solutions for virtually any small business, start-up or enterprise organization.

We start with strategy, site map and define the goals of the website before one pixel of graphics or one line of code is written.

Using a proven process for web development will keep your project on track and progressing through each of the milestones that have been agreed upon.

Most web design companies build websites that are artistically "pretty" but fail to inform, educate and turn website visitors into leads then to sales.

Your website needs to be your #1 lead generation machine that keeps your sales funnel full.

  • Discover the one thing that is missing from 97% of all websites in the United States that can land in in court facing huge fines up to $100,000 if you are caught not having this.
  • Think about why your website is an investment in future growth and is a 24 hour a day sales representative that never sleeps, goes on vacation or needs time off.
  • Understand why your website development project is all about your clients and not about you. Failing to focus on your target audience can be a recipe for disaster.
  • Learn how SMART Goals play an important part of your website development and without them how you could loose business.
  • How professional copywriters can add immense value to your website and improve conversions.
  • Find out how you need to work with your website design partner so your project stays on track - save time and money by doing this correctly.

YES! Please Send Me The FREE Guide

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