Content Marketing

With the right content you can attract leads, nurture them and turn them into a profitable customer for your business.

What Is The Best Content For Your Business

We help businesses generate more inbound leads using a content marketing strategy. With the right content you can attract leads, nurture them and turn them into a profitable customer for your business.


If you are looking for cost effective way to generate more sales, expand your customer base and generate more leads, content marketing can be a great option for you. Today when people need information they go to the Internet. Based on your industry you can generate content that answers your target audience’s questions while giving them a chance to learn about your business. Information you provide should be related to your business.


At Connexion Solutions we often turn to content marketing for our own lead generation needs. It is something we recommend as a part of our client’s marketing strategy because it is effective, it keeps you knowledgeable within your industry and positively impacts your other marketing efforts.


Using Content Marketing for lead generation:

With a content marketing strategy, you can reach your target audience as they’re seeking information and show them that you’re a leader in your industry. In exchange for content you can easily ask them for their email address to keep them updated on more information they might also find useful.


At Connexion Solutions we provide content marketing strategies and services to help your content marketing efforts. From keeping you updated on the information your target audience is looking for, helping you connect with more potential customers looking for your information and once you engage with them is when we can really make magic happen.


We can create an email marketing campaign to keep your business on the top of their mind, retarget or display advertising to further educate them about your business and lead nurturing to turn that prospect into a paying customer and then a raving fan.


Content Creation

Creating content results in many more opportunities to engage with your target audience. Here are some of the services we provide that can boost your content and display it to a bigger audience.



Blogging is a great way to share content. It drives more traffic to your website, can help you improve your search engine rankings and keeps your business website more interesting. We can set-up your blog for success by structuring in a way that improves your SEO ranking.


Blogging + Social Media Posting

Automated social media posting shares your blog posts on all of your social media accounts. This creates links, which we optimize to ensure your social media posts display correctly on every social platform and always leads users back to your blog.

Audio or Video Articles

Many people read, others prefer listening to podcasts or watching video articles, we use your same content and repurpose it in a way that enables those who just watch videos or those who only listen to podcasts learn. If you are only blogging a search engine may have many written articles ranking on search results. Those who only want to see video results can make the same search and suddenly your same content ranks.

Editorial Design

Many of your already existing articles and blog posts can be turned into videos, video tutorials, podcasts and webinars. These are then shared on social media and you become a trusted industry expert. All of this content can include downloadable cheat sheets, e-books, Checklists and how-to guides. I may come across your blog post and you answer my question but then you can offer me a downloadable how-to guide that provides me with even more information in exchange for my email address.

Marketing to your fan base

Using all of your content we build landing pages where prospects download your guides in exchange for their email. We call this content a lead magnet. Once your prospect opts-in it becomes a lead, we use lead nurturing to eventually turn that lead into a paying customer.

If you are starting your content marketing efforts or have already acquired leads through your efforts below is a list of services you may be interested in.

· Email marketing
· Lead nurturing
· Marketing automation
· Social Media Marketing
· Citations