Branding - How to build a brand for your business

July 20, 2020

Branding Your Small Business

7 Steps To Creating A Brand Identity

Get our guide that explains how to create an authentic brand identity for your small business.

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Discover Why Your Business Needs A Brand Identity

Brand identity is more than just a logo, and it's one of the very first things a website visitor or potential customer will notice.

From bootstrapped startups to established small business and regional organizations your brand is important. You only get one chance for a great first impression, you need to maximize your opportunity to connect, engage and build trust with your audience.

Brand identity includes your story, your brands voice, core cultural values and visual identity.

Your branding connects you to your audience. A great brand strategy will help your avatars recognize you instantly, and you stand out from your competitors.

Download our free brand identity guide and learn how to you can start building your own brand.

  • Discover how best to tell your brand's story and why a great brand story will engage your audience.
  • Think about your brand style guides and how they provide a visual reference for how your branding is used across digital, print, signage, POS and more.
  • Understand why strategy has a pin point influence on your brand's identity, and how this needs to be the first step when designing or creating a brand identity.
  • Look at your brand and see why the visual identity and the key design elements of your brand need to make a winning first impression.
  • Learn The Clarity+ section of our Midas Method that will help you zero in on the ideal customer by building custom avatars for your business.

YES! Please Send Me The FREE Guide

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