How To Use Marketing Automation To Boost Revenue

July 13, 2020

How To Use Marketing Automation To Boost Revenue.

How To Use Marketing Automation To Boost Revenue. Welcome to Learning with Connexion Solutions.  Today we are going to be talking about marketing automation, and how it can help you increase sales, save time, and improve customer satisfaction.    If you are investing in lead generation, you know that getting a lead is only half the battle.  Once leads come in, your team must manage all leads assigned to them, attempt to establish contact, and eventually present them with an opportunity to buy your product.  Despite all of these efforts, leads are not always ready to become clients right away.

If this sounds familiar, and your sales performance has room for improvement.  Marketing automation may be the perfect solution for you. In this quick video we are going to talk about marketing automation, and how you can implement it.  Leads need to be nurtured; this requires lots of contact where you are providing them with all the reasons why they need your product. And why they should choose you, over your competitors.   All of these tasks take time and effort, sometimes, members of your sales team have to manage hundreds or even thousands of leads, and this can be overwhelming.

How To Use Marketing Automation To Boost Revenue.

Automation plays such an important role in the growth of any business in today’s environment.  Regardless of the type of business, you are in.  You too can benefit from incorporating automation to the process of generating and nurturing leads, which eventually turn into customers.   Every day, when we look at the various aspects of a business, we are at a point where there are certain things that play a crucial role in the process of turning that prospect into a customer.  Consistent, reliable, timely, and well-thought-out follow up is one of those things.

When you automate your sales process, you will make a very professional first impression.  You will save your staff lots of time, remove the possibility of human errors, and achieve reliable and consistent results.

How To Use Marketing Automation To Boost Revenue.

So, how can you implement automation in your sales process?  The first thing you need to do is make a map of the process you are using today.  Your sales process can be as easy as having a customer look at an ad, that customer calls in, talks to your sales staff, and makes arrangements to come in.  Another example is a customer visits your landing page, fills out a form and someone from your team contacts them to schedule a time for them to come in.   How To Use Marketing Automation To Boost Revenue.

As soon as a customer fills out a form, you want to reach out to them immediately using email, text message, voicemail, or at least direct them to a thank you page that lets them know exactly what they can expect to happen next.  Thanks to automation every single customer receives the exact same communication instantly.  Communications can even be personalized to be sent from the email address of the salesperson they are assigned to.

How To Use Marketing Automation To Boost Revenue.

What’s great about it is that this happens 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. The immediacy of automatic follow up can dramatically improve your chances of gaining that customer.

After this first contact, you can set up a follow-up email that goes out the very next business day, as soon as your business opens. You can send texts messages, emails, personalized voicemails pre-recorded by your team members.  How To Use Marketing Automation To Boost Revenue. You can even generate an automatic phone call that reaches out to your lead and staff member at the same time.  This enables you to identify leads that are ready to become clients and guide them through your sales process automatically.

How To Use Marketing Automation To Boost Revenue.

Sales staff can now spend more time communicating with leads that are prepared to purchase your product.

Leads that are not prepared to take action need to go through a lead nurturing process.  These prospects are still deciding on whether or not they need your product or service.  Or may be researching which vendor is the best option for them.  During this time you want to maintain frequent communication.  Sending a well-balanced combination of helpful information on why they need your product, as well as why they should purchase that product from you is important.   Lead nurturing campaigns normally run anywhere from 3 months to a year, depending on your industry.   Automation allows every customer to begin their own lead-nurturing journey individually.  As a result, you are receiving a reliable flow of leads beginning and finalizing their nurturing process.

As an added benefit, you can run various nurturing sequences simultaneously.   You can have nurturing campaigns specific to each one of your products.  For example, if you are a car dealer, you may have family, economy and luxury cars available.

You can have a general nurturing sequence that promotes your dealership and all three types of vehicles you offer.  If one lead opens an email and clicks on a link that talks about sports cars, you can automatically remove them from the general sequence and start them on a sports car sequence.  This sequence can be specific to your sports car products.  You can reach out 4 times a month with three informative pieces of sports car related content and one test drive invitation.  A campaign focused on the products your potential customer prefers can be a lot more effective than a generic one.

With automation, potential customers are always seeing your products and services.

When they are finally ready to make a purchase they will be more likely to do it with you, and not your competitor. Automation is a great tool for marketing, it can also help you improve your sales team and provide you with useful information about your marketing efforts.  Once a lead has gone on a test drive, you can automatically reach out to non-buyers asking them about their experience, and their reasons for not buying.  This data will help you improve your sales process, the same thing can be done with those who buy, you can ask them to rate your business, offer them all post-sale information they will need and promote additional services or products that complement their purchase.

Every automated communication can be delivered as many days from the time they began as you choose.

How To Use Marketing Automation To Boost Revenue. You can add additional rules such as only communicating with customers on business days and working hours.   Nurturing campaigns can also be completely stopped the moment they decide or when they take a specific action.  If a lead schedules a time to come in, they can be removed from the nurturing sequence and get set up on an appointment sequence that confirms their appointment, reminds them the day before, and gives them directions to your place of business.   Throughout the nurturing sequence, you can set up specific triggers that generate alerts for your sales team.

If a customer opens up three emails consecutively or replies to a text message, your team can be alerted for them to take action.   When interacting with a prospect you can view their entire history to better understand their interests.

Setting up automation requires you to create a map of your sales process; you can then create the material you wish to send your prospects and finally, you can set up the delivery times.  Once you have set up your marketing automation efforts you must test them to make sure they are working correctly before implementing them.  There are a variety of marketing automation software services available, choosing the right one for you depends on your specific needs.

We recommend that when shopping around you find software that can connect to your existing customer management system, and to the marketing channels you are using.

If marketing automation can benefit your business, you may be interested in a video we created to help you determine if your business needs marketing automation and what to consider when shopping around.  We hope this video has answered all of your questions; we have seen drastic increases in revenue when we have implemented automation for our clients.   Thank you very much for joining us today.

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We hope you enjoyed this video as much as we enjoyed creating it for you and we look forward to seeing you again real soon.

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