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Connexion Solutions Digital Marketing

We Don't Put Square Pegs In Round Holes

Looking for a digital marketing agency to help you generate more website visitors, increase leads and generate more revenue? Then Connexion Solutions could be a good fit for you.

Our ideal client is a service based business where your sale or lifetime value of a customer is typically greater than $3,000. Your annual revenue is $1-15 million. But, if you're outside of our ranges and looking for aggressive growth let's start a conversation.

It All Starts With A Discovery

  • Build Your Business Using The Midas Method And Experience Upto 10X Growth.
  • If your seeking aggressive growth for your business, may we recommend a Midas Method Discovery.
  • Connexion Solutions Digital Marketing is a different kind of digital marketing agency.
  • Our roots are firmly planted in direct response marketing. Everything we do is based around a proprietary system that we call The Midas Method.
  • Today we specialize in helping start-ups, small and medium sized businesses grow dominate.

So which digital marketing agency do you trust with your marketing?


Why Choose Connexion Solutions Digital Marketing

Your Small Business Digital Marketing Solution At Connexion Solutions we believe a digital marketing agency must provide goal-based marketing strategies the are returning a positive ROI as we optimize profits.

Exponential Growth

Our digital marketing strategy drives more visitors to your website. We convert visitors to customers.

30 Years Of Marketing Trust

Since 1991, we have been providing marketing and advertising services to grow businesses.

A Team That Cares

We treat you like family and when you archive your goals, you help us achieve our goals.


We develop winning inbound digital marketing campaigns with lead acquisition, retention, CRO, with a goal of engagement and 10X your business.

No Risk Agreement

As long as you are happy with the results, stay with us. You're paying for results and that's what we deliver every minute of everyday, month in - month out.

No Shenanigans

We do organic 100% natural marketing. We don't cut corners or use any techniques that create a risk. We don't play games with your business.

Grow The Business You've Dreamed Of.

The Midas Method is a 100% fully managed proven marketing and sales solution to grow your service based business.

Take us up on our FREE offer to create a complete custom marketing plan for your business.

In the interest of full transparency and disclosure this is how we get clients. Instead of trying to convince you how great we are to work with, we prefer to help you in advance, for free, and let the value of the experience do the “selling” for us.

After you get your free custom blueprint, one of these two things will happen. The first possibility is you love the blueprint and decide to build everything by yourself. If that's the case we will be thrilled to have helped and wish you the best. The next possibility is you love the blueprint and you want us to help you with it. And if that's the case we will set a time to get together and work on the details.

As much as we would love to help everyone, we just can't. You need to be currently making sales, growing your business and just want to grow it faster, bigger and without all the headaches.

Celebrating 30 years of performance driven marketing service. Connexion Solutions is a branding, marketing, communications and website design agency. We specialize in marketing services for small and mid-sized companies in all industries to solve complex problems and beat the competition. Business is difficult; that’s why “We make growing your business easier”.
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