9 Reasons Business Blogging Boosts Revenue In 2020

July 13, 2020

9 Reasons Business Blogging Boosts Revenue In 2020

Welcome to Learning with Connexion Solutions.  Today we are going to be talking about 9 Reasons Business Blogging Boosts Revenue In 2020.  If you are considering blogging or are thinking about quitting on blogging, we have made a list of benefits that prove blogging is still a great idea.

Yes, blogging in 2020 is still a thing.  There are many benefits you can gain from blogging regularly.  Search engine optimization and an overall increase in traffic to your website, are obvious ways in which blogging can have a positive impact on your business.  However, attracting new customers is not the only benefit.  You will find that there are other benefits like improving your writing skills and gaining valuable knowledge.

This is why you should be blogging in 2020.  

#1. Improve your communication skills.  

Writing is a fantastic skill to have.  In today’s digital era, we do not write as well as we used to.  Between silly abbreviations, we use to text message our friends, and excessive use of voice dictation.  Our writing skills can easily get lost.  Excellent communication skills will open many doors for us, in our professional, and personal lives. 9 Reasons Business Blogging Boosts Revenue In 2020.

#2. Communicate with customers, providers, and colleagues.  

ou may interact with customers, providers and colleagues on a daily basis.  But, you may not have a chance to really discuss the personal aspects of your business.  Blogging in a sense, allows you to communicate on a more personal level.  This leads you to establish more meaningful relationships with those around you.

#3. Create a presence.  

Every time you publish a blog you are providing valuable information about your business.  This reminds your customers about your business.  Knowing your website will always have something new to check out is so much more fun than static information.  Giving your clients a behind the scenes look at your business can really make a difference.  9 Reasons Business Blogging Boosts Revenue In 2020.

#4. Engage your audience.  

Blogging gives your business a personal touch that keeps them engaged, from potential customers to staff members.  Let everybody know you have something important to say about your business.  Blogging allows you to open up a dialog and build an audience of people who respect your point of view.

#5. Stay updated on important information. 

9 Reasons Business Blogging Boosts Revenue In 2020. Writing requires research, knowledge and lots of thinking.  While attracting new customers, you are constantly learning and staying updated on important trends pertaining to your industry.  You may come across a great idea for your business while researching for your blog.

#6. Leave your mark online.  

Blogging is official.  Potential customers may come across your website, while searching for information.  Something you wrote months ago may be the thing that helps you find a new customer today.

#7. Establish industry authority.  

Writing is powerful. While blogging, you are generating lots of useful content about your business.  Who better to ask about your business than an expert?  Others may come across your blog while researching your business.  If colleagues, clients and business partners reference, or share your content this lets search engines know, your content is important.

#8. Improve social media. 

Social media posting can be hard for businesses.  You cannot only post strong sales content, without providing useful and interesting information.  Let your blog and social media complement each other, while engaging your audience gracefully.

#9. Boost your website traffic. 

Blogging populates your website with tons of unique content, which not only boosts your search engine ranking but also, provides more opportunities for customers to find you.

Need More Business Blogging Tips?

We sincerely hope this video has inspired you to create interesting and unique blog posts.  You will see how doing this, will not only help you connect with more potential customers, but will also be very gratifying to your personal, and professional life.  At Connexion Solutions we are always very happy to create useful content, and, discover content generated by our clients.

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We hope you enjoyed this video as much as we enjoyed creating it for you and we look forward to seeing you again real soon.

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