35 Must-Know Facebook Statistics For Marketers

July 13, 2020

35 Must-Know Facebook Statistics For Marketers.

35 Must-Know Facebook Statistics For Marketers. Welcome to Learning with Connexion Solutions.

If you know anything about advertising you know Facebook is important.  If you have not yet managed to successfully market on Facebook or are looking to improve your results, today we will be sharing with you 35 surprising statistics that will give you a clear action plan for your marketing journey, as well as help you to better understand how Facebook works.

If you are looking for business growth, understanding more about Facebook is essential in order to start growing your business.  Stop throwing money away and gaining little to no results.

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Facebook has 1 point 9 billion daily active users – with constant growth in both usage and users, Facebook is definitely a great platform to connect with your potential customers and target your ideal audience. 35 Must-Know Facebook Statistics For Marketers. Are you getting the best ROI from Facebook Marketing?


Users access Facebook 8 times a day – this means you have 8 chances per day to connect with them.  This is really amazing, if you think of how many things you actually do 8 times a day?


Users are spending at least 35 minutes a day on Facebook.  This isn’t idle time; during these 35 minutes users are engaging, socializing and making important connections. 35 must-know Facebook statistics for marketers.


Facebook has 150 million viewers on their story section.  This means that if you aren’t doing stories yet, you are missing out on a great opportunity. 35 must-know Facebook statistics for marketers.


35% of users will follow a Facebook Page in order to receive special offers.  If someone follows you, give them a good one.  This will incentivize your users to continue following you and even boost your revenue.


57% of users say that social media influences their shopping. Facebook was voted the most influential in encouraging users to make a purchase.


80 million small to medium businesses are on Facebook.  In 2018 there were only 60 million, this represents almost a 35% increase in only one year. Are you getting the best ROI from Facebook Marketing?


The average organic reach for a business page’s post is 1%.  This means that with all the brands generating content in order to appear on their user’s newsfeed, the chances of someone seeing your post is nearly impossible.  Facebook is a Pay to Play Platform and understanding this now will help you gain your desired results quicker.


200 million users have joined Facebook groups to connect with other users who share similar interests and share significant content.  35 must-know Facebook statistics for marketers.


78% of American consumers say they have discovered products on Facebook.   This is huge and another major reason to be advertising.  35 must-know Facebook statistics for marketers.


47% of users exclusively use the mobile app – what this means to you is that all content you produce has to be mobile friendly since almost half of your audience will be viewing it on a mobile device, this includes landing pages linked to your posts.


96% of users are on a mobile device, 47% are on the app and the rest may be on the mobile website accessing it through a mobile phone or tablet.  If you are not making your content mobile friendly you may as well not be generating any content at all.


26% of Facebook users who click on ads report making a purchase.  Slightly more than ¼, which is very high.  This statistic proves you can sell your products and services on Facebook as long as you connect with the right audience and post a clear and appealing offer. Are you getting the best ROI from Facebook Marketing?


Click-through rate on Facebook is 0.9%, this stat is extremely important when we compare it to Google, Bing & Yahoo that report an average of 3%.  Facebook users are open to finding products. However are not actively searching.  This means that if you are a looking for new customers, it will be very difficult to show content to the person who is actively looking for your product.

If someone offers you to grow your business exclusively using Facebook, it will be very unlikely for them to be successful.  Facebook however is a great tool for retargeting, not only is it very effective but it is quite inexpensive.


93% of social media advertisers are using Facebook ads.  How are they using them? Attract and educate or retarget? Facebook is great for retargeting and I have found this to be true when it comes to business growth.    Are you getting the best ROI from Facebook Marketing?


The cost of ads and impressions has increased 21% in one year.  Now being successful is more important than ever which is why people that don’t know how to create an offer and craft the entire customer journey, are basically throwing money away. 35 must-know Facebook statistics for marketers.


One out of five videos on Facebook are live; if you want to gain higher engagement incorporate live videos as part of your content. Are you getting the best ROI from Facebook Marketing?  35 must-know Facebook statistics for marketers.


Captioning your video ads will increase viewer time by 12%. Always caption your videos, it's very simple. 35 must-know Facebook statistics for marketers.


Video ads either succeed or fail to get the attention of your customer within the first 3 seconds.   Make sure you explain what your video is about and offer value upfront before you lose your consumer. 35 must-know Facebook statistics for marketers.


35 must-knows Facebook statistics for marketers. 79% of online adults use Facebook.  If you think your customers are not on Facebook you may want to reconsider.


40% of users prefer ads directly related to their interests.  If you want to target people who may be interested in your business, taking the time to target correctly is important.  Advertisers with a relevancy score on their ads of 3 or less will pay 79% more than those with a relevancy score of 8 or greater.


Ads with a relevance score of 10 have a 79% click-through rate.  This one speaks for itself, its important to take the time to choose your audience correctly. 35 must-know Facebook statistics for marketers.


57.5% of users will unfollow a Facebook page if they see excessive amounts of promotional posts.  Make sure to add value to your Facebook posts to avoid being un-followed.


According to users, posts that lack personality or are not interesting are a reason to unfollow.  35 must-know Facebook statistics for marketers.


Posts that have photos have 179% more reach than posts without photos.  This speaks for itself.  Include photos in your posts. 35 must-know Facebook statistics for marketers.


Businesses create an average of 24 videos per month.  If you are not doing a video a day, then you are not getting ahead. 35 must-know Facebook statistics for marketers.


85% of videos are watched with the sound turned off.  If you want your video to deliver its message make sure to include captions.  Again, your video will be watched without sound, 85% of the time so it’s extremely important to use captions.


Videos on Facebook have an average duration of 3 minutes.  That is a lot shorter than this video, however, 3 minutes is definitely a good length when creating a Facebook video.


Users are 1-½ times more likely to watch a video on a smartphone vs. a laptop or pc.  Square videos take up 75% more space on mobile devices than a landscape video.  Taking into consideration the previous stats we have seen regarding mobile-use, it makes more sense to make all videos squared.


68% of all Americans use Facebook.  Of those 75% are men and 83% are women. 80% of those users are over 30 and 77% earn 75 thousand and more according to Pew Research Center.


Every Facebook user has 1,500 stories competing for their newsfeed at one time.  That’s a big number, which is why only 300 of those stories are shown using an algorithm designed on relevant content and posts.  Make your content relevant to your users.


Facebook’s goal is to provide a good experience so that users spend time on it.  It really is that simple.  During the first quarter of 2015 Facebook was generating 16 dollars per user.  During the first quarter of 2018 each user represented Facebook 34 dollars.  That is 13.2 billion in revenue meaning a 42% gain.


Facebook identified 583 million fake accounts in 2018. 35 must-know Facebook statistics for marketers.


Only half of teens use Facebook, they prefer Instagram and You Tube. Are you getting the best ROI from Facebook Marketing?


41% of Americans 65 and over are on Facebook. Are you getting the best ROI from Facebook Marketing?

With all of these fascinating and clear stats, its time to do some marketing on Facebook straight away.  We have gathered these stats for you in order to provide you with a clear action plan on how to improve your marketing efforts.  When you are designing your marketing plan be sure to include Facebook. We hope this information was helpful for you.

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We hope you enjoyed this video as much as we enjoyed creating it for you and we look forward to seeing you again real soon.

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